Superstition is a mystery, horror tv show written and directed by Mario Van Peebles.

Superstition will follow the Hastings, a family who’s owned the only funeral home and graveyard in the town of La Rochelle for as long as anyone can recall. In addition to providing services for all faiths, the family specialty is handling “afterlife care” for the unexplained deaths of folks at the hands of demonic entities, and other unworldly phenomena that have long haunted the town. The Hastings uses arcane weaponry, incredible strength, mystical alchemy skills, and a deep knowledge of the occult and ancient lore from around the world to quell the evil within the shadows of the town.


  • Brad James as Calvin Hasting
  • Demetria McKinney as May Westbrook
  • Mario Van Peebles as Isaac Hasting
  • Robinne Lee as Bea Hasting

Mr. Nox and I have seen the first episode and we think this can be a big hit show. The first episode could have been better but I never judge a show based on the first episode. If the episodes get better the show would be a big hit. Superstition will premiere October 20, 2017 on Syfy in the United States.

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