The Addiction

It’s June 22, 2017 and on this very day Janice Griffith life will change forever.

Janice Griffith is getting out of work and hopping in her red 2009 Dodge Charger.

Janice Griffith: Thank god I’m out of work, I’m ready to go home and sleep.

When Janice got home there was bad news waiting for her. Pulling in her driveway she saw her dad in a truck. Once out her car her dad got out of his truck.

 Keith: We need to talk, can we go inside?

Janice: sure.(Both of them went inside the house)

Keith: It’s hard to tell you this but your mom passed away today when you was at work.

Janice was deeply sad about the lost of her mom .

Janice: how she died?

Keith: she couldn’t breath and past away in the ambulance.

Janice and Keith went to her grandma house to tell the family about it. 

Coming home from her grandma house Janice just realized she will have to live all alone in this big house. After a week has pasted it was time for the funeral. At the funeral the family was their, even the people Janice don’t know. The funeral was a great and after the funeral the family had dinner at grandma house. 

Tommy: This is so depressing, Janice I have an idea. We could go to this spot I know.

Janice: What’s the spot?

Tommy: Their’s a club called the The Asylum, I know the owner of the club.

Janice: We just had our mom funereal and you want to go to the club.

Tommy: Like I said this scene is so depressing, this club have a special drug that can ease the pain.

Janice: what kind of drug?

Tommy: come to the club and find out.

Janice and Tommy went to The Asylum.

Tommy: welcome to The Asylum where the nobody’s become somebody.  After Tommy said that Jeanette Voerman the owner of the club came down the stairs and welcome Tommy and Janice.

Jeanette Voerman: Welcome to The Asylum where people go insane, Tommy what brings you here?

Jeanette kissed Tommy on the mouth.

Jeanette: so who is her?

Tommy: she is my sister, we came here for the Vitae.

Jeanette: Vitae? 

Tommy: baby she’s cool.

Janice: Do I look like the fucking 12 to you?

Jeanette: You look like a girl who is hurting, so I will give you a special gift, follow me.

Janice and Tommy follow Jeanette to the back room.

Jeanette: These little baby’s will ease your pain.

Janice: What are these? 

Jeanette: Those are called Vitae.

Tommy: They’re so good, take one and you will feel like you’re walking on air.

Jeanette: Just don’t get caught with these, and if you need more come back here.

Jeanette: But first let me help you.

Jeanette put one Vitae on Janice tongue.

Jeanette: You’re about to have a good time.

Within 10 minutes Janice was high out of her mind. It was the next day.

Janice: What happen last night?

Tommy: You was high off of Vitae.

Janice: Fuck, I have to get ready to work.

Two weeks past and Janice was hooked on Vitae.

Tommy: Janice what the fuck, you’re addicted to Vitae.

Janice: Leave me alone, I not addicted.

Tommy: Yes you are, Jeanette told me you came to The Asylum begging for Vitae.

Janice: Leave me alone.

Tommy: You know what, mom would be so disappointed right now.

Janice: LEAVE NOW!

Tommy: If that how you what it, fine.

Tommy left the house and Janice start to cry. All of a sudden there was a pink bright flash and a mysterious women with a mask appeared.

Janice: WHAT THE FUCK, I can’t be high. I didn’t take Vitae.

Unknown stranger: No my neonate, I’m here to help you. My name is Lynette.

Janice: I must be out of my mind.

Lynette: Like I said I’m here to help you. You have a higher purpose on earth and I can’t let go down this road.

Janice: Why do you care.

Lynette: I care because You are better than this. Their was a Prince I used to know who said “There are people who are unhappy with everything.”Just because you’re unhappy with the death of your mom you can’t just destroy yourself. You have a great purpose and have great things to do and I can’t let you destroy your future.

Lynette went to Janice and put her hand on Janice shoulder.

Lynette: Have a great life.

There was a bright pink flash and Janice was alone.

Janice: I feel great now, I guess I will throw these Vitae out.

Mr. Nox: And That’s the end of the story folks, addiction is a hard thing but we can overcome anything with help from people.

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