The Glitch: Chapter Two – A Short Horror Film

The Glitch: Chapter Two is a short horror film written and directed by David Ajibodu, Kyle Godfrey.  It revolves around a mystical being that haunts it’s victim through the use of their phone. Upon looking at the Glitch on a screen, You are now cursed with “The Glitch” and don’t have long before your it’s next victim. A feature length project would be expanded into a further look on how the phone came to be haunted and what connections it has to the main character. The viewers would soon find that the Glitch is an extraterrestrial being with a message. The Glitch: Chapter Three would expand on where the characters are actually being taken to, and why the entity is doing it.

Mr. Nox and I suggest you watch this short film because this is a great short film so give this film a shot.

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