Poison Control

Poison Control by Mr. Nox

It’s the summer of 2013 when Elijah King lost his job.

Elijah: (Elijah angrily stormed in the house) FUCK.

Hope: Hunny what’s wrong?

Elijah: I just got laid off, I have worked there for three years and they just gonna let me go like that.

Hope: Ah baby that’s horrible. 

Elijah: Yea and guess what? The bills are due and I’m the only one that’s working.

Hope: Bae if you what me to get a job I will.

.Elijah: No, baby I can get a job quick and support this family. 

Hope: Are you sure?

Elijah: Yes, Somebody have to take care of the kids.

Hope: Well my cousin have his own business. Talk to him and he can help you.

It was the next day when Elijah went to meet Hope cousin.

  Elijah: What’s up Anthony.

Anthony: Sup, so I hear you need a job.

Elijah: Yea, my job let me go.

Anthony: That’s unfortunate, I have a job for you. It’s kind of illegal but it pay well.

Elijah: You know I have a family so I can’t do anything illegal.

Anthony: I have a family too but you do what you have to do. You either be the government bitch or you make people be your bitch.

Elijah: Yea I just…

Anthony: Look Elijah are you in our not? I don’t have time for small chat.

Elijah: Yea I’m in.

Anthony: Good so the job is to smuggle vitae into the country. 

Elijah: What’s Vitae?

Anthony: Oh I forgot you don’t do drugs. Vitae is a drug that feel like dying and coming back to life.

Elijah: so where it’s from?

Anthony: Nobody knows where it’s comes from or who is the kingpin is. Oh and here’s a tip don’t ask questions in this type of field.   

Elijah: Good to know.

Anthony: The details is there’s a shipment of Vitae coming but the problem is It’s being protected by the government. 

Elijah: What? We fucking with the government?

Anthony: Yea, I got orders from the higher-ups to get the shipment back. Are you in or are you out?

Elijah: I’m in.

Anthony and Elijah talk some more about the plan. Latter that night Elijah we home to his family.

Hope: How was your day hunny?

Elijah: It was good. I talk to Anthony about the job.

Hope: So he hook you up with a job?

Elijah: Yea, It’s a security job.

Hope: A security job. You know I don’t want you to get hurt.

Elijah: I know, but It pay well. 30k for one night.

Hope: That’s alot for a security job for one night. Who are you protecting?

Elijah: A big time movie star. I can’t say who.

Hope: oh just don’t get hurt.

Elijah and hope went to sleep but Elijah is having a strange dream. Elijah dream is about a big owl with multiple eyes watching him trying to warn him of something. Elijah woke up and went out to meet Anthony.

Anthony: You ready for this?

Elijah: Yea, so how are we going to do this?

Anthony: We going to meet up with the rest of the group and we drive to the docks. If anything get out of hand I want you drop some bodies.

Elijah: We killing People?

Anthony: Yea goofy, This the government we going against. Lets go.

  Anthony and Elijah went to meeting spot but when they got there things didn’t go as plan. When Anthony and Elijah went inside the building their heads was covered in a black cotton bag. When they head was uncover they was in a abandon building with police officers.

Nox: Hello guys, my name is chief Nox and you guys are going to tell me about the shipment.

Anthony: What Shipment?

Nox: Don’t play dumb, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Anthony: Like I said what shipment?

Nox: Ok the hard way.

Nox roll up his sleeves which uncovers his tattoo of an owl with many eyes. Nox grab one of Anthony crew member and slam his head on a table.

Anthony: What the fuck you can’t do that.

Nox: You should pick the easy way. Like I said where’s the shipment?

Anthony: Like I said what shipment? 

Nox grab Elijah and hold a knife to his throat. 

Nox: Like I said Where’s the shipment?

Anthony tells Nox about the shipment.

Nox: Was that so hard? 

Anthony: Why you need to know about the shipment?

Nox: I heard the government poison the Vitae and are planing to sell it to the people. We can’t have poison Vitae on the streets.

Anthony: How do you know about Vitae and how do you know where we was going to meet up?

Nox: I know all of this because I’m one of the creators of Vitae and Elijah told me where the meeting spot is.

Anthony: Elijah you betrayed me.

Nox: No he didn’t. You thought you been working for me but you have been working for the government all along. So I came here to intercept the the poison Vitae. So now you know It’s time for you guys to go back to your homes bye.

Anthony and the crew got the cotton bags put back on their heads and was drop off at their homes.

Nox: Now I’m here in America It’s time to have some fun. Mr. Nox is unleashed.  

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