If We Could

It’s the spring of 2018 when three young people make a wrong decision in life.

Justin Smith: I’m getting tired of this.

Scarlet Wilson: Me too, I really want to start over.

Janice Griffith: I think we should move to Texas. I know some people down there that can help us start over.

Justin: How can they help us?

Janice: They own a trailer community.

Justin: All three of us moving in a trailer that’s sounds good.

Scarlet: yea, we can move away from all of this debt and start over.

Justin: Janice do your people have any jobs available?

Janice: Yea, let me call them and ask them if we can move there.

Janice called her people to ask if they can move there but what they don’t know that moving there will be a grave mistake. 

Scarlet: so what they say?

Janice: They said yes.

Justin: so when can we move there?

Janice: They said we can move their next week.

Scarlet: Yes!

Justin: I can’t wait, We should celebrate. Tonight we shall smoke some weed and fuck like rock stars.

Justin, Scarlet and Janice had a threesome that night. In the morning Scarlet start planning on the move.

Scarlet: Justin when are you going to quit your job?

Justin: I already have. So who is gonna have our stuff because we can’t take all this stuff in the car.

Scarlet: I’m giving it all to my parents. And the animals will be given to an animal shelter. We have a long drive so we will be moving tomorrow.

Justin: That’s so soon, what about Janice?

Scarlet: Janice is ready and the reason we leaving so soon is because the sooner we leave the better. Help me pack some of this stuff.

Justin help Scarlet pack their stuff and giving it to Scarlet parents. Later Janice came over to the house ready for tomorrow. 

Janice: So are we ready for tomorrow?

Justin: yea, tonight is are last night in this house so we should fuck for one last time in this house.

Scarlet: That’s all you think about.

Justin: I can’t help it I’m a guy and I have two beautiful girls to have sex with.

Janice: You’re such a pig but you’re a fucking hot pig.

Janice started to kiss Justin and Scarlet join in, they begin to have sex. In the morning they headed out to Texas. They are driving for days until their car broke down. 

Justin: Fuck, we almost there. 

Janice: Maybe we should hitchhike.

Justin: Yea and get killed.

Scarlet: we have no other choice.

They started to hitchhike but no one wanted to pick them up. When they was about to give up a car pulled up next to them.

Unknown girl: Hey do you guys need a ride.

Justin: yea, our car broke down.

Unknown girl: Hop in.

Justin, Scarlet and Janice got into the Unknown women car but for them this was a big mistake,

Unknown girl: So hello guys my name is Taylor.

Scarlet: My name is Scarlet hes Justin and she is Janice.

Taylor: So where you guys going? 

Janice: We going to Valkyrie trailer park.

Taylor: What, me too.

Janice: That’s a weird coincidence.

Taylor: Yea, so what are you guys going up there for?

Scarlet: We are starting are life over. So what are you going there for?

Taylor: I have a big meeting in that area so my friend is letting me stay in her place.

Justin: That’s a nice tattoo you have there.

Taylor: Thanks, I love owls so I got this. We here guys welcome to Valkyrie trailer park.

Scarlet: Thanks for the ride, you really saved us.

Taylor: No problem, 

Justin, Scarlet and Janice settle in and explore the community.

Justin: This a nice place but these people are strange.

Scarlet: yea the way they looking at us is creepy.  

Janice: They probably don’t get new people here.

Scarlet: Lets go home and get some sleep I’m tired.

They went home and went to sleep but they should never came to forsaken place. Next morning will be they last morning.

Scarlet: we should go to the store and buy some food.

Justin: Yea you and Janice should go.

Janice: Just don’t complain when we don’t get something you like. 

Scarlet and Janice went out to the store.

Scarlet: These people still acting weird. We should hurry and go.

Unknown Guy: What’s the rush? Guys grab them.

Scarlet and Janice try fighting the guys off but they was no match. The guys went to their house to grab Justin.

Justin: Finally you guys home. Wait who are you guys? 

They grab Justin and took him to their hideout. All three of them are tied up in an underground church.

Justin: Why are you guys doing this to us?

Unknown guy: Just shut up and wait for the mother.

Justin: Mother, who is mother?

Taylor: Here I am.

Scarlet: Taylor why are you doing this to us?

Taylor: Tonight is a full moon so I need you guys to have sex with me.

Janice: so you kidnapped us to have sex with us?

Taylor: Yea, if you have sex with me I will let you go.

Justin: You lying,

Taylor: If you don’t have sex with me then I will torture you. Nobody will come here to look for you. All these people in this town are Valkyries. We are a club that serve our god Nox. So I need to have sex with you guys to satisfy Nox. 

Scarlet: So we have sex with you and you will let us go?

Taylor: Yea.

Scarlet: Fine.

They start having sex with Taylor but She have a sinner plan. In the middle of the act Taylor pull out a dagger and cut all three throat. When she did that a yellow flash happen and a strange man with a yellow and blue suit appeared out of nowhere. Taylor rub herself in the blood and walk up to the strange man.

Taylor: Welcome my lord. Please fuck me and give me a child.

Nox: You’re one of my favorite Valkyries. Come and let give you a child.

Taylor: Yes my lord.

Nox and Taylor begin having sex. after sex Nox said something very important.

Nox: Everyone knows what it’s like to make the wrong decision for the right reasons. For me, wrong decisions are the heart of drama – a character who’s always making the right decisions is boring.    

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