Cold Breeze


Written by Mr.Nox

It’s summer in 1994 when Mark Smith Went to a Marilyn Manson concert in Chicago. 

Mark Smith, David Knox, Scarlet Knox and her friend in the car driving to the concert in Chicago.

Mark Smith: This concert is going to be crazy.

David Knox: Hell yea, I heard there’s a party after the concert, you going?

Mark Smith: Will there be girls?

David Knox: You know it.

Mark Smith: Then I’m there, You bringing your sister and her friend to the party too?

David Knox: I’m forced to, I will never hear the end of it if I don’t bring her. It’s going to suck because we have to babysit them.

Mark Smith: What do you mean we? That’s your sister, I don’t mind babysitting her friend though.

David Knox: WE going to the concert and party together so WE stick together.

Mark Smith: They can’t party, They already sleep in the backseat.

David Knox: I know but I have no choice.

They arrived at the concert.

Mark Smith: When the concert beginning?

David Knox: In 10 minutes.

5 minutes past and Marilyn Manson and his band walks out on stage. Scarlet Knox and her friend start screaming.

Scarlet Knox: Marilyn Manson you have my body.

David Knox: Scarlet you so embarrassing.

Scarlet Knox: Shut up this is Marilyn Manson.

David Knox: What ever.

The concert ends and everybody leaving.

David Knox: You guys still want to go to the party?

Mark Smith, Scarlet Knox and her friend all said yes.

Mark Smith: I’m so fucking ready for this party, you girls better not act crazy at the party.

Scarlet Knox: Whatever, I’m 22 I know how to party.

Mark Smith: lets hope so.

They drive to the party location.

Mark Smith: The party is at a abandoned hospital? Epic.

David Knox: I know right.

Scarlet Knox: This looks scary.

Scarlet friend: Scarlet we should stay in the car.

Mark Smith: I would protect you.

Scarlet friend: No thanks.

David Knox: We go in all together and stick together, That’s the plan.

They all enter the abandoned hospital.

David Knox: It’s so fucking dark.

Stranger: Darkness is beautiful.

David Knox: WHO IS THERE.

The stranger turn on his flashlight.

Stranger: I’m your help. The party is in the west ward and to get to the west ward just follow the yellow lights.

Mark Smith: Fucking epic.

Scarlet Knox: I don’t know about this guys.

Mark Smith: come on you not going to die in here.

David Knox: Lets follow the lights.

They follow the yellow lights to the west ward. In the west ward is where everybody at.

Scarlet Friend: This is like a rave.

Mark Smith: I know right, I’m about to have so much fun.

David Smith: everybody stay together.

Mark Smith: Yea yea.

In middle of the party Mark Smith is talking to two girls.

Mark Smith: So let’s get this threesome going.

The two girls: First take this.

The two girls hands Mark Smith a yellow pill.

Mark Smith: What’s this?

The two girls: It’s something to party with.

Mark Smith: I don’t take unknown drugs.

The two girls: It’s the only way to get this threesome going. The pill is safe, We both will take one.

The two girls both take the pill.

Mark Smith thinking in his head. Should I take this? Fuck it, it’s rare to have a threesome.

Mark Smith take the pill and enter a room with both girls.

After two hours David Knox, Scarlet Knox and her friend is looking for Mark Smith.

David Knox found Mark Smith sleep in a room.

David Knox: Mark get up It’s time to go home.

Mark Smith: What, I had the best time of my life.

David Knox: What happen?

Mark Smith: I had a threesome.

David Knox: Nice, You can tell me all about it in the car.

All of them got in the car and drive to Zion where they all live. 

David Knox drop Scarlet Knox friend off first then Mark Smith.

They all get some sleep. In the morning Mark Smith called David Knox.

Mark Smith: Yo bro I’m so fucking cold.

David Knox: What? It’s 80 degrees outside.

Mark Smith: I know, I’m going to see my doctor today.

David Smith: After you visit the doctor tell me all about it.

Mark Smith: Will do.

Mark Smith is walking down 27th street when out of nowhere a black van pull up next to Mark Smith 

and pull him in the van.

Stranger: put him to sleep.

They put Mark Smith sleep. Mark Smith wakes up in a strange building.

Mark Smith: What the fuck. Who are you?

Stranger: You don’t remember me? The guy with the flashlight from last night.

Stranger: I know you will remember these two beautiful girls.

Two girls walks in the room.

Mark Smith: You two from the threesome.

Stranger: yes, now you remember. I’m Famine and you probably wondering what you doing

here. The yellow pill you take last night was a project I was testing. I was following you for months and got a hold of you blood.

Your blood looked strong enough to passed my project but it failed.

Mark Smith: What? I hope this is all a prank.

Famine: This is no Prank. Now It’s time to end this failed project.

Famine bodyguard shoot Mark Smith in the head.

Famine: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

Written by Mr.Nox

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