Be My Valentine

A Valentine Special Written By Mr.Nox

Hope Rojas: It’s so hard to find a cute dress but not look slutty.

Jasmine: Girl It’s always better to go to a date looking slutty.

Hope: That don’t make sense.

Jasmine: It do, If a guy stare at your tits all day during the date then he’s not the right guy but if he looking at your face during the date then he the right one.

Bianca: It’s so true, I try the test with all my new dates.

Jasmine: Hope try it, it always decide if he a fuckboy or not.

Hope:  Maybe you girls right, I haven’t dated in ages.

Jasmine: You know we’re right, show that sexy young body.

Bianca: Yes, show that young body.

Hope: Fine.

Hope and her friends finish shopping and went home.

Hope is getting ready for her Tinder date.

Hope: So how do I look?

Bianca: You look great.

Jasmine: Yass girl you look so good.

Hope: It’s time for me to get a man.

Hope went to the date location at 7:00 pm.

Hope walk into the restaurant looking for her tinder date.

Devante Nixon: Hello beautiful, so you Hope off of tinder?

Hope: Yes, you must be Devante?

Devante: Yes, you can sit right here.

Devante pull out a chair for Hope.

Devante: you’re more beautiful in person.

Hope: Thank you.

Devante: Before we get this date going let’s get our order ready.

Hope: Sure, so what you having?

Devante: I’m having the vegetarian burger with fries, what are you having?

Hope: I’m having the vegetarian lasagna.

Devante and Hope got their food and continue with the date.

At the end of the date Hope ask Devante to come base to her place.

Devante accepts the invitation and drive to her place.

Hope: Welcome to my home.

Devante: This is a big mansions, do you live here by your self?

Hope: No I have two sisters who live with as well but they’re will not be here for tonight.

They both enter the mansion.

Hope: Make yourself at home.

Devante: Thank you.

Hope: I will be right back, I need to put something more comfortable on.

Devante: Take your time.

Hope quickly change her clothes and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine.

Devante: That was quick, and you brought a bottle of wine.

Hope: Yes, the fun have to keep going.

Devante and Hope start drinking some wine.

After a few drinks Devante start laughing.

Hope: what’s so funny?

Devante: You.

Devante look at Hope and breaks her right arm.

Hope is screaming in pain.

Hope: WHY?

Devante: Don’t play dumb, show your true self.

Hope is laughing.

Hope: I don’t know how you know about what I am but you just made a big mistake.

Devante: No, I just made a big capture. Do you know who I am?

Devante: I’m Akachi, the first vampire. I was turned into a vampire by your witch coven for a punishment about 4000 years ago. The reason I need you is because I need the head of the coven to break the curse, And you’re the head of the coven now.

Hope: You will have to kill me first.

Devante: No I don’t.

Devante use has vampire powers to capture Hope and open a portal to send hope to his safe house.

Devante: My work is not done.

Written By Mr.Nox


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